Software Development

Become a Web Programmer: Foundations

Programmers are in higher demand today than ever before. Get the essential skills and tools to become a successful software engineer, and learn the fundamental concepts and practices that are critical to the task of coding—no matter what language you choose. Develop the knowledge to begin programming in any language and Connect programming theory to practice in real life scenarios. Finally, Learn and apply best practices from experts in the field.







Git and Github


Javascript Foundations

Javascript Foundations

Improve Your JavaScript Language Skills

Once you’re comfortable with JavaScript foundations, it’s time to explore its deeper capabilities. Dive into the details of JavaScript object structures, and master the language details that make it easier to share your projects.

Redesign code as functions with clear dependencies, Master the syntax and logic choices JavaScript provides and Simplify your JavaScript debugging process.

Improve Javascript Language

Advance Your Skills in Javascript

What you’ll learn

  • Structure your code with an object-oriented approach.
  • Handle events with JavaScript functions.
  • Build complete web applications with vanilla JavaScript.
  • Access your data safely through closures and scope.
  • Send and receive data using JSON and Ajax.

Advanced Javascript Skills

Become a React Developer

React is a powerful framework that does more with less. Figuring out how to apply it, however, means learning both the core of React and how to integrate it with other technologies and approaches. Get a solid foundation in React and learn how to build real applications by combining React with other key tools. Identify the right set of structures and state containers for your React application. Implement an app that runs efficiently, letting users get more done while consuming fewer server-side resources. Create interfaces that present complex information to users in ways they can manage.

Become a React Developer

Improve your React Skills

The flexible architecture of React lets you create complex projects that consume and interact with data from APIs and microservices. Learn how to upgrade your code to the latest versions of JavaScript, restructure your styles, and create virtual reality environments with React. Apply the latest JavaScript and CSS approaches to your apps. Structure your apps to use microservices and APIs with React. Present your React apps with clean and powerful interface styles.

Improve your React Skills

Other React Courses

Other React Courses

Develop using Bootstrap


Become a Junior WordPress Developer

Get the skills you need to develop custom websites powered by WordPress. With this learning path, you’ll build a solid foundation for developing your advanced WordPress skills. Go beyond simply choosing WordPress themes, and learn how to actually manipulate WordPress to build content and designs that match your unique needs.

Learn the essentials of WordPress and web standards, Build a custom WordPress theme and Discover advanced developer tools and techniques.

Entry Level WordPress

Become an Advanced WordPress Developer

After mastering the concepts covered in the Become a Junior WordPress Developer learning path, get the skills you need to develop advanced websites with WordPress as the back-end solution. With this learning path, you’ll develop advanced WordPress development skills, build advanced solutions in traditional themes and plugins, and extend the functionality of WordPress with the REST API.

Build advanced WordPress themes, Explore advanced plugin developmentand Learn how to build web solutions with the WordPress REST API.

Advanced WordPress

Become a WordPress Ecommerce Developer

WordPress is an excellent solution for building ecommerce sites. Begin with the basics of developing ecommerce sites with popular solutions like Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce. Then learn how to customize your site, drive visitors to your online business, and work with clients to scope projects for their businesses.

Plan your ecommerce site and Practice working with WooCommerce plugins and themes. Discover how to drive new customers to your site.

Advanced WordPress

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