Storytelling Techniques

You’ll probably forget where you’re up to, so please keep a note for the next time you visit.

0a. Video Journalism- Storytelling Techniques
0b. Using the exercise files
1a. Meeting the clients and setting expectations
1b. Scouting locations
1c. Identifying the audience
1d. Drilling down to the central message
2a. Agreeing on a story outline
2b. Planning the production
2c. Selecting appropriate video, audio, and lighting gear
3a. Basic video shooting tips
3b. Shooting multishot sequences
3c. Getting establishing and closing shots
3d. Responding to unexpected developments
4a. Miking and lighting tips
4b. Getting great sound bites
4c. Lighting tips
5a. Previewing and organizing media assets
5b. Selecting effective sound bites
5c. Cataloging natural sound
5d. Creating a rough-cut version of the story for client review
6a. Writing tips
6b. Writing in the active voice
6c. Telling your story through people
6d. Keeping the client in the loop
7a. Audio editing tips
7b. Video editing tips
7c. Selecting exporting options
8a. Next steps
9a. Santa Barbara Rock Gym
9b. Steve Axtell
9c. Sticky Fingers Bakery
9d. Santa Barbara Rock Gym quick cut story

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