Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

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Ch. 0a. Introduction – Welcome
Ch. 1a. The Big Picture – Understanding online marketing
Ch. 1b. The Big Picture – Comparing Twitter and Facebook
Ch. 1c. The Big Picture – Preparing for online marketing
Ch. 2a. Twitter Basics – Setting up your business account
Ch. 2b. Twitter Basics – Creating and applying custom backgrounds
Ch. 2c. Twitter Basics – Tweeting and following
Ch. 2d. Twitter Basics – Following Twitter’s terms of service
Ch. 3a. Facebook Overview – Setting up your personal profile
Ch. 3b. Facebook Overview – Understanding the News Feed
Ch. 3c. Facebook Overview – Controlling access to your posts
Ch. 3d. Facebook Overview – Customizing privacy settings
Ch. 3e. Facebook Overview – Following Facebook’s terms of service
Ch. 4a. Tweeting for Business – Crafting follow-worthy Tweets
Ch. 4b. Tweeting for Business – Attracting followers
Ch. 4c. Tweeting for Business – Following the right people
Ch. 4d. Tweeting for Business – Responding to mentions
Ch. 4e. Tweeting for Business – Tracking keywords in the Twitter stream
Ch. 4f. Tweeting for Business – Using hashtags
Ch. 4g. Tweeting for Business – Getting Retweeted
Ch. 4h. Tweeting for Business – Adding your Twitter feed to your blog or web site
Ch. 4i. Tweeting for Business – Integrating a -Tweet This- feature into your online marketing
Ch. 4j. Tweeting for Business – Measuring your impact
Ch. 5a. Facebook Pages for Business – Touring Facebook Page timeline features and controls
Ch. 5b. Facebook Pages for Business – Creating a new Facebook Page
Ch. 5c. Facebook Pages for Business – Creating a profile picture
Ch. 5d. Facebook Pages for Business – Designing a cover image
Ch. 5e. Facebook Pages for Business – Creating a combined cover-and-profile image
Ch. 5f. Facebook Pages for Business – Using the admin panel
Ch. 5g. Facebook Pages for Business – Editing important Page settings
Ch. 5h. Facebook Pages for Business – Adding and featuring Page admins
Ch. 5i. Facebook Pages for Business – Customizing the apps bar
Ch. 5j. Facebook Pages for Business – Posting to your Page strategically (for EdgeRank)
Ch. 5k. Facebook Pages for Business – Pinning, highlighting, and adding milestone posts to the timeline
Ch. 5l. Facebook Pages for Business – Managing spam by hiding and unhiding user posts
Ch. 5m. Facebook Pages for Business – Using the Notes app for longer posts
Ch. 5n. Facebook Pages for Business – Using Facebook as your Page
Ch. 5o. Facebook Pages for Business – Adding favorite Pages to your timeline
Ch. 5p. Facebook Pages for Business – Building an audience for your Page
Ch. 5q. Facebook Pages for Business – Adding a Facebook Page feed to your web site
Ch. 5r. Facebook Pages for Business – Analyzing traffic with Facebook Insights
Ch. 6a. Extending Social Media Marketing – Reducing your workload with social media management programs
Ch. 6b. Extending Social Media Marketing – Enhancing your Page with Facebook apps
Ch. 6c. Extending Social Media Marketing – Creating your own iframe app to customize your Page
Ch. 6d. Extending Social Media Marketing – Using a third-party iframe app
Ch. 6e. Extending Social Media Marketing – Adding a Like button to your content outside of Facebook
Ch. 6f. Extending Social Media Marketing – Advertising on Facebook with Facebook Ads
Ch. 6g. Extending Social Media Marketing – Advertising on Twitter with sponsored Tweets
Ch. 7a. Conclusion – Next steps