Social Media Marketing: Managing Online Communities

Social Media Marketing

Course details

  • 51m
  • Intermediate
  • Updated: 4/26/2018

Online communities are the quickest way to find new customers and reach like-minded people. With platforms such as WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter, it’s easier than ever to create an online community of your own. But it’s important to know how to engage visitors in the right way. Your online audience can be your best advocates—and help you attract more fans and followers. In this course, Megan Adams explores how to turn an online audience into a true community. She walks you through strategies for the most popular social media tools, like Facebook and Twitter, and free and paid tactics for gaining followers and growing your community. Plus, get tips on creating and sharing content that keeps your audience engaged.

Learning objectives

  • Recognize the type of online community that will best serve your goals.
  • Summarize how to create an effective mission statement.
  • Explain how you can build community through social media.
  • Cite the ways to create buzz around your community.
  • Describe ways to scale your community.
Introduction to Community Building
Building Your Online Community
How to Grow Your Online Community
Measuring Your Success
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