Marketing Tools: Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Course details

  • 35m
  • Beginner
  • Released: 9/5/2019

Learn how to make the right choices for your business from among the thousands of social media apps, tools, and platforms. Discover how to find and retain followers, how often you should post new content, and how to measure content quality. Social media marketing expert Carlos Gil shows you ways to automate content releases, create memes and animated videos, and schedule social media posts. He also offers email marketing tips, recommends tools for creating video content, and outlines a roadmap for online marketing success.

Learning objectives

  • Essential marketing tools
  • Optimizing your YouTube channel
  • Monitoring social media mentions
  • Managing your audience
  • Making animated GIFS
  • Building custom ad audiences
  • Creating a podcast
  • Building a Facebook Messenger autoreply bot
  • Automating social media marketing
  • Adding multiple links to your Instagram bio
Must-Have Tools
Audience Management
Tools for Reach
Content Management
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