Mograph Techniques – 1 – Animating to Music

You’ll probably forget where you’re up to, so please keep a note for the next time you visit.

Animating to Music – 1
Dynamic Camera Movement – 2
Dynamic Falling Objects in Cinema 4D – 3
Mixing 2D and 3D with After Effects and Cinema 4D – 4
Modeling and Animating with Cinema 4D Cloners – 5
Morphing Particles in Cinema 4D – 6
Physics Simulations in After Effects – 7
Rigging a Robot Arm in Cinema 4D – 8
Spline Dynamics with Cinema 4D – 9

Using the exercise files
Overview of the project

Analyzing music for inspiration
Adding markers for the animatic
Animating graphics with Sound Keys
Sending Sound Keys data to CINEMA 4D
Using music to drive particle animation
Generating animated colors
Editing to music
Advanced editing techniques
Driving 3D graphics with sound
Creating multiple scenes for an edit
Rigging the mograph build
Building the scene transitions
Creating the final composition
Reviewing the finished projects
Next steps

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