Mograph Techniques – 2 – Dynamic Camera Movement

You’ll probably forget where you’re up to, so please keep a note for the next time you visit.

Animating to Music – 1
Dynamic Camera Movement – 2
Dynamic Falling Objects in Cinema 4D – 3
Mixing 2D and 3D with After Effects and Cinema 4D – 4
Modeling and Animating with Cinema 4D Cloners – 5
Morphing Particles in Cinema 4D – 6
Physics Simulations in After Effects – 7
Rigging a Robot Arm in Cinema 4D – 8
Spline Dynamics with Cinema 4D – 9

Using the exercise files
Software used in this course

Overview of composition
Creating a simple null camera rig
Animating with the camera rig
Building compound moves with rigs and elements
Adding realism to moves with the Graph Editor
Creating 3D in After Effects with CINEWARE
Creating and refining animation in C4D Lite
Adding motion with the vibrate tag
Positioning multiple scenes in 3D space
Animating multiple scenes
Animating with the Camera Morph
Refining the Camera Morph with multiple cameras
Building scene transitions
Building depth-of-field transitions
Finishing touches and matching scene styles
Optimum render settings for final output
Final overview of the finished project
Next steps

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