Learning Aerial Photography with Drones

You’ll probably forget where you’re up to, so please keep a note for the next time you visit.

01. What you’ll learn in this course
02. Who is this course for
03. Understanding your country’s regulations
04. Respecting no-fly zones
05. Securing permission from property owners
06. Flying with a two-person team
07. Making sure your drone is registered
08. Making sure your drone is registered
09. Understanding weather conditions that affect flight
10. Preflight checklist
11. Takeoff and landing strategies
12. Hovering in place
13. Positioning the camera
14. Composition strategies
15. Monitoring remotely
16. File format and recording options
17. Choosing the right exposure
18. Shooting with filters
19. Creating a custom lens profile for your camera
20. Establishing a landing zone
21. When to land

22. Essential developing strategies for photos in Lightroom
23. Removing lens distortion
24. Sending the image to Photoshop
25. Enhancing the image with filters
26. Noise reduction and sharpening
27. Configuring your drone for panoramic images and essential apps
28. Shooting strategies for panoramic images
29. Essential strategies for developing panoramic images in Lightroom
30. Removing lens distortion
31. Enhancing images with filters

32. Noise reduction and sharpening for panoramic images
33. Merging tough panoramic images in Photoshop
34. Merging 360˚ panoramic images in Photoshop
35. Merging 360˚ panoramic images in PTGui
36. Adding 360˚ sky in Photoshop
37. Configuring your drone for HDR images
38. Shooting strategies for HDR images
39. Essential strategies for developing HDR images in Lightroom
40. Removing ghosting from HDR images
41. Noise reduction and sharpening for HDR images
42. Enhancing images with filters
43. Merging tough HDR images with Photomatix Pro
44. Merging tough HDR images with Aurora HDR
45. Next steps