June Stillbirth Awareness 2019

Sands is lucky to have so many wonderful supporters, who are passionate for our cause. Watch this animation and discover how your support makes a difference in the lives of many bereaved families across the UK.

We can only continue to deliver our crucial work with your ongoing support. When you donate, fundraise or volunteer for Sands, you are supporting our vision of a world where fewer babies die and helping to ensure that every bereaved family, wherever they live in the UK, gets the care and support they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it.

Our new film highlights the work Sands does to support anyone affected by the death of a baby, improving bereavement care and pioneering new research to save more babies’ lives; and what you can do to help.

We achieve this by:

  • Supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby,
  • Improving bereavement care,
  • Promoting research to save more babies’ lives.

Here are our four aims:

1) Local support for bereaved families across the UK

The money you raise allows us to run a countrywide network of regional support groups which offer free regular support meetings for anyone affected by the death of a baby.

2) Bereavement support for anyone affected by the death of a baby

The money you raise enables us to offer free bereavement support to anyone affected by the death of a baby, no matter how long ago. It means we can expand our bereavement support services and ensure they are accessible to every bereaved family throughout their journey.

3) Improving bereavement care across the UK

The money you contribute helps to maintain and expand our free bereavement care training programme for health professionals, ensuring that every family whose baby has died receives equally excellent bereavement care.

We work towards ensuring that every parent whose baby has died has access to a bereavement suite, wherever they live in the UK. The money you raise supports opening new bereavement suites, and improving existing ones, across the country.

4) Funding vital research into reducing the numbers of babies dying

Research is a crucial part of our work. Your support helps fund research to better understand the causes of baby deaths and save babies’ lives.

Every penny raised makes a real and lasting difference to the lives of bereaved families and helps save babies’ lives.

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