Javascript Essental Training

Javascript Foundations

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  • 5h 29m
  • Beginner
  • Released: 1/20/2021

JavaScript is a scripting language of the web. As the web evolves from a static to a dynamic environment, technology focus is shifting from static markup and styling—frequently handled by content management systems or automated scripts—to dynamic interfaces and advanced interaction. Once seen as optional, JavaScript is now becoming an integral part of the web, infusing every layer with its script.

Through practical examples and mini-projects, this course helps you build your understanding of JavaScript piece by piece, from core principles like variables, data types, conditionals, and functions through advanced topics including loops, and DOM scripting. Along the way, instructor Morten Rand-Hendriksen provides challenges that allow you to put your new skills to the test.

The Basics
Working with data
Functions and Objects
Javascript and the DOM Part 1 – Changing Dom Elements
Create an Analogue Clock
Javascript and the DOM Part 2 – Events
Typing Speed Tester Project
Automated Responsive Images Markup Project
Troubleshooting, Validating and Minfying Javascript
Ask the Instructor and conclusion
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