Hypersyndication-Maximizing Your Web Video and Podcast Audience

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The concept of hypersyndication
Why do you need to hypersyndicate
How online behaviors are changing
Best practices for online video
What is RSS
Best practices for RSS
Finding a RSS feed
Syndication with Twitterfeed
Syndication with Hootsuite
Using video-sharing sites
Always read the terms of service
Compressing files for computer playback
How to use Adobe Media Encoder
The rise of smartphones
The importance of adaptive streaming
Using YouTube for mobile devices
Using Vimeo for mobile devices
Distributing audio with SoundCloud
Why use a podcast
Creating a podcast
Submitting a podcast to iTunes
Getting found on iTunes
Compressing files for mobile devices
Normalizing your audio
Why use streaming to target TVs
Using YouTube to target televisions
Using Vimeo to target televisions
Comparing 4K to 1080p to 720p
Why visual branding matters
Creating a consistent look from site to media player
Have a call to action
Choosing a color palette
Validate your RSS feed with Feed Validator
Optimize your RSS feed with FeedBurner
Monitor your RSS feed with FeedBurner
Final thoughts