Data Science

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Advance Your Skills in Deep Learning and Neural Networks

The hottest new frontier in the universe of AI and machine learning is in deep learning and neural networks. This learning path is your entryway into the tools, concepts, and finer points of computer vision, natural language processing, and more.

Master the basics of computer vision, Explore the applications of building neural networks and Learn how natural language processing (NLP) works.

Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Become a Data Scientist

Whether you’re working in IT or simply have an interest in entering the exciting field, this learning path will support you in developing a career in data science. Learn about the fundamental stages of data science work, from Statistics and Systems Engineering to Data Mining and Machine Learning.

Build a solid foundational understanding of statistics, which is necessary for any data science-related field, Discover the many categories of job specialization within Data Science and Learn how to source, explore, and communicate with data through graphs and statistics.

Be a Data Scientist

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