Creating a Short Film – 6 – Working on Set

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Producing a Short Film – 1
Writing a Short Film – 2
Working with Actors – 3
Pre-Production – 4
Directing a Short Film – 5
Working on Set – 6
Cinematography – 7
Editing – 8
VFX – Environments – 9
VFX – Effects – 10
Colour Grading – 11

Course details

  • 2h 13m
  • Beginner
  • Released: 10/20/2016

Get an insider’s perspective on the movie-making process. Creating a Short Film offers a unique window into the actual struggles and challenges filmmakers have to overcome to get projects made. It follows the production of the short film The Assurance, from writing and preproduction through filming and post. This course focuses on what it’s like to work on set. Get a look at the roles of the assistant director, director of photography, gaffer, grips, production designer, sound mixer, script supervisor, best boy, and other crew positions. Find out how filmmakers deal with unexpected weather and other causes for delay, and the importance of getting your set dressing, props, and costumes right. Learn how to apply basic special effects makeup techniques. Series creator Chad Perkins also provides his tips for keeping your crew happy and productive, even after a long day on set.

Find the rest of the courses in the series—on everything from script writing to directing—on Chad’s author page.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the role of different crew members
  • Sending out call sheets
  • Using a slate
  • Keeping continuity with a script supervisor and production photographer
  • Keeping the crew fed, happy, and safe
  • Rescheduling shoots
  • Dealing with wardrobe for a large cast
  • Using special effects makeup

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