Creating a Short Film – 5 – Directing

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Producing a Short Film – 1
Writing a Short Film – 2
Working with Actors – 3
Pre-Production – 4
Directing a Short Film – 5
Working on Set – 6
Cinematography – 7
Editing – 8
VFX – Environments – 9
VFX – Effects – 10
Colour Grading – 11

Course details

  • 2h 27m
  • Beginner
  • Released: 8/18/2016

Directing movies means being in charge of all creative decisions on a movie set: performance, wardrobe, lights, camera movement, color palette, music, and the overall tone of the film. Some directors focus on directing actors, while others focus on telling stories, building explosive moments of action, or creating visual art. Here filmmaker Chad Perkins explains the role and responsibilities of a director on a small, independent film.

Watch and learn how to shoot a script, using visual motifs, atmospherics, framing, and different types of shots to tell the film’s story. Find out how to give direction to your crew and be a good leader, while staying on budget and on schedule. Plus, get tips to improve shots during retakes or in post, and to become a better director, storyteller, and communicator.

Note: Like the rest of the Creating a Short Film series, this course was shot during the production of The Assurance. It offers a unique window into the actual struggles and challenges filmmakers have to overcome to get films made. Find the rest of the courses in the series on Chad’s author page.

Learning objectives

  • What a director does
  • Interpreting the script
  • Scouting locations
  • Choosing the tone and theme of the film
  • Using motifs
  • Shaping the story through visuals
  • Being a good leader on set
  • Respecting budgets and schedules
  • Planning shots
  • Moving the camera: on a tripod or dolly or in handheld shots
  • Using rolling takes
  • Framing shots
  • Adding atmospherics
  • Directing in post-production
  • Becoming a better director

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