Alessandro Verdi – Leichan

Another offering from Alessandro.

From our Europe Correspondent.

Alessandro Verdi – another video for friends

Another animation contribution from Alessandro, for two friends of mine – Khiral & Domenick Fantasy Dream .

From our Europe correspondent.

Alessandro Verdi – A tribute to my friends

After a brief conversation, Allesandro told me that each of his friends, including himself, had been paid a tribute in the animation video.
Especially Divina Armata

Alessandro Verdi – A girl I had a crush on….

I was in the waterside resort of Desenzano on Lake Garda in Italy. I was in the Hotel Plaza where I met one of the hotel receptionists, Alessandro Verdi. A brief conversation revealed that a few years ago as a youngster he wanted to become an animator. He is now sharing his video creations with us. The first is about a girl he had a crush on.

From our Europe correspondent.

Royal Ascot June 2019

A day at the Royal Ascot in London 22/06/19

A day at Royal Ascot 22nd June 2019. An enjoyable day for all except those that were fighting in another arena. The queen paraded on the course and we watched and placed bets on 6 races. The atmosphere was exciting along with the race commentator from our London correspondent.

James Bond Flash Animation

Mel and Ken produced this short Flash animation was created as part of their IT Diploma assignment. The animation was originally created in ‘Split-Screen’, using two different PC’s and monitors, to portray the animation. I did it like this as a challenge for timing was the key to success. Also this had never been tried before at the college, so it hopefully stood out.

Originally created in ‘Split-Screen’, timing was the key to success.

Final VFX group project

Cullen Purcell created this video as a group project in my 3rd year at Kingston University. We had fun making this video and i hope you enjoy it. Some of the graphical software we used was Nuke and Maya. We also incorporated the use of green screen. Film location was in Kingston, London.

A 3rd year project at Kingston University.