Stephanie’s Garden – Spring 2021

The First in a new series about people’s gardens in and around the local area.

A Christmas message from Mark Reasbeck of Gateway Church 20.12.2019

Asylum Seekers – Part 1 Leaving Home

This is the extremely sad story of a girl who was thrown out of the family home, beaten by her uncle, refused entry into the UK and was subsequently abused by her husband.

Men in Sheds

A project for men over 50 in Barnsley interested in woodworking and other activities.

Another Age UK project

International Day Locke Park

On 15th July 2018, the second Destination Barnsley International Festival was held this year in Locke Park. The changing face of Barnsley was celebrated by people from the town’s different communities coming together.

The changing face of Barnsley from the town’s different communities coming together.

Mundos y Palabras (Worlds and Words)

A documentary written and presented by Helen Blejerman and produced by BLTV. We look at the way in which Mexican food is introducing Sheffield to the culture and economic problems of Mexico.

Filmed in Spanish and English with sub-titles in both languages.

Welcome to Barnsley

Barnsley is generally a welcoming town for asylum seekers and refugees, but ethnic minority people – particularly school children, are often the victims of misunderstanding and discrimination. This short documentary by BLTVtakes a hard look at how welcoming Barnsley is and records some of their reactions.

Love where you live

A short documentary made for BMBC by BLTV, on the ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign. Introducing some of the people and projects which help to make Barnsley a better place to reside and work.