Big Buck Bunny

BLTV  features an hilarious cartoon, by the Blender Institute. Big Buck Bunny is a kind and friendly giant rabbit. One sunny day while doing what rabbits do, he comes across three rodents. These rodents are not friendly towards Buck. They start to be mean and throw things at poor Buck. But baddies who rile Buck always lives to regret it!

These rodents are not friendly towards Buck.

Licence – Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

The Snail who was in a Hurry

This is a BLTV experiment. It is a story for children of the 3 – 6 years age group, told by reading and illustration. But it also has the text which children learning to read can follow as they hear the presenter’s voice and look at the pictures.

If you are a writer and/or illustrator who would like to try your hand at something similar, please get in touch with us at BLTV.

The story was written and illustrated by Bob Britton, with page design by Amy Thompson, filmed and directed by Cullen Purcell, and edited by Rebecca Graham. Lottie Creaser provides the wonderful, soothing voice that draws in listeners and viewers of all ages and makes it a really good bedtime story!