Destination Barnsley 2019

The Destination Barnsley Festival held on Sunday 14th July 2019, was the third of these annual events held to greet newcomers to the town from a variety of different countries, and to bring them together with in Mandela Gardens with Barnsley people for an afternoon of enjoyment and celebration. BLTV was there to sample the fun and goodwill, not to mention the free food and entertainment that were excellent value. The new Barnsley is making the most of it’s new citizens to create a diverse and open society for all!

Barnsley Pride 2019

Gay Pride is well represented in Barnsley as the Gay Pride parade organised and celebrated on Sunday 14th July 2019 clearly showed.

The event closed Wellington Street for the day and a constant stream of visitors came to see what it was about after the parade itself. A sound stage saw a variety of groups and artists entertain the crowd throughout the day and a large number of community groups and charities whose work was mainly with young people, set of interesting stalls and information points.

The co-operation of the police and the local authorities shows the social and political importance of the LGBTQ+ minority in the town.

Barnsley Market – March 2019

A look at the new and still changing Barnsley Market.

As seen through the eyes of students from Barnsley College.

Mayor’s Parade 2018

The Mayor’s Parade took place in Barnsley Town Centre on Saturday 14th July. This year’s theme is Celebrating volunteering in Barnsley’ as chosen by the Mayor of Barnsley Cllr Steve Green.

Celebrating volunteering in Barnsley

Tour De Yorkshire 2018

The second programme in a series of Aht ‘n’ Abaht forBLTV. Dave Shaw and Florentine Bootha-King hit the streets of  Barugh Green, in Barnsley. Asking people opinions on the Tour de Yorkshire.

It took 12 seonds for the Peloton to pass through Barugh Green

Aht Callin’

The first programme in a series of Aht ‘n’ Abaht for BLTV. Dave Shaw and Florentine Bootha-King roam the streets of Barnsley asking people their opinions on just about everything. This is topical, enjoyable, controversial or just plain annoying!

Markets in South Yorkshire – Barnsley is way out in front.

Elsecar Railway

The first of a series of programmes for BLTV in which Dave Hodgson goes out ‘n’ about around the Borough (and a few places outside it) where families can go to have a fun day soaking up Barnsley’s rich history and heritage. Today Dave is at Elsecar to take a train ride and speak to the visitors and volunteers who make it happen.

Elsecar Railway with Dave Hodgson

Nice Out Innit

As part of BLTV exploring places of Interest, Dave Hodgson is surprised and thrilled at his discovery of the Wortley Top forge Miniature Railway. With a track laid out in the grounds of Wortley Top Forge Industrial Museum, the tiny steam loco runs through what seems like a fairyland, sometimes pulling visitors for the ride, and sometimes not.

Wortley Top forge Miniature Railway with Dave Hodgson