Parkway Cinema – October 2019

1st October   Downtown Abbey 
1st October   Placido Domingo 50th Anniversary 
2nd October   Rambo: Last Blood 
2nd October   Mrs Lowery and Son 
2nd – 3rd October   Lawrence of Arabia 
2nd October   Roger Waters Us + Them 
8th October   Royal Opera Don Giovanna 
17th October   A Midsummer Night Dream 
24th October   Royal Opera Don Pasquale 
27th October   Raymonda 

The Lamproom – October 2019

5th October 7:30pm Race Night Fund Raiser Adults £6
8th – 12th October 7:30pm   Twelve Angry Men Adults £14Conc £13
22nd October 7:30pm A Cat Shaped Space Fund RaiserAdults £15
24th October 7:30pm Fashion Show Fund RaiserAdults £2
24th October 7:30pm The Greatest Halloween Show Adults £14
26th October 7:30pm The Coalfield CroonerAdults £18

October Halloween Awareness 2019

Halloween or All Saints Eve is a celebration observed in several countries on the 31st October. It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires to ward of ghosts.

Celtic paganism from the British Isles, trick and treat although an American custom it originates from Europe.

The practice going door to door (trick or treat) is originally called practice of souling gifts and food given for prayers for the dead.

The first reference in England was the 14th century.

October Awareness Month
October Awareness Month

Birdwell Academy – October 2019

10th October 7:30pm Back to the 60s with Union JackAdults £15
12th October 7:30pm   GrumbleweedsAdults £16
16th – 17th October 7:30pm Sun Sea Sand and Carbs Getting it upAdults £12 Conc £10
18th October 7:30pm ABBA RivivalAdults £16.50
19th October 7:30pm Jared Lee – Elvis TributeAdults £15
30th October 2:00pm Peter PanAdults £15 Conc £14

The Civic – October 2019

Date     Event  
14th September – 12th October     Holly Priestley  
19th October – 16th November     Amelia Lonsdale  
4th – 5th October     The Three Musketeers  
11th October     Brenda’s Got a Baby  
18th October     New Weekend EGG and Work Progress  
19th October     New Weekend Tetra Decathlon & and She  
24th October     Dorian  
9th October     Genius  
4th October     Ensemble 360: Storms and Serenity  
12th October     Soul Jam  
25th October     The Pitman Poets  
30th October     Unbelievable Science  
13th October     Jackie and the Beanstalk  
27th October     Upside Down  
10th October     Looks and Smiles  
15th October     Price of coal part 1: Barry Hines & Ken Loach  
17th October     Thursday Late – Alternative Life Drawing  

Alessandro Verdi – Leichan

Another offering from Alessandro.

From our Europe Correspondent.

Parkway Cinema – September 2019

12th September   Fleabag 
26th September    One Man, Two Govenors 
28th September – 3rd October   Lawerence of Arabia 

The Lamproom – September 2019

17th – 21st September 7:30pm Up and UnderAdults £14Conc £13
25th September 7:30pm   Words and Music Andrew Lawrence: Clean Adults £15Conc £13
27th – 28th September 7:30pm Widows ClubAdults £14
22nd September 7:30pm Simply WestlifeAdults £14 Conc £13

Birdwell Academy – September 2019

14th September 7:30pm DesperadoAdults £15
15th September 7:30pm   Complete MadnessAdults £12
21st September 7:30pm Royal South LiveAdults £14
22nd September 7:30pm Simply WestlifeAdults £16 Conc £15

The Civic – September 2019

Date     Event  
13th – 19th September     The Parting Glass  
14th September     Civic Garden Party  
19th September     Civic Scratch  
20th September     Orlando  
28th September     Northen Soul All – Dayer  
28th September     Northen Soul All – Dayer  
15th September     Dave Johns  
18th September     True North: The State of the Arts in the North of England  
19th September     Thursday Late – Alternative Life Drawing  
23rd September     North: Fashioning Identity- Curator’s Talk