Audio Mixing Bootcamp

Course details

  • 8h 53m
  • Beginner
  • Released: 11/11/2011

In this course, author Bobby Owsinski reveals industry tips, tricks, and techniques for producing professionally mixed audio on any digital audio workstation. He offers recommendations for setting up an optimal listening environment, highlights the most efficient ways to set up and balance a mix, and shows how to build a powerful sound with compression. The course also explains how to master the intricacies of EQ; incorporate reverb, delay, and modulation effects; and generate the final mix.

Learning objectives

  • Optimizing your listening environment
  • Setting up sessions, subgroups, and effects
  • Understanding which mixing elements to avoid
  • Understanding the principles of building a mix
  • Panning instruments
  • Setting up the compressor
  • Using noise gates and de-essers
  • Understanding the concept of frequency juggling
  • Using the magic high-pass filter
  • Timing reverb and delay to a track
  • Using reverb to layer the mix
  • Understanding the Haas effect
  • Modulating guitars, keyboards, and vocals
  • Mixing with subgroups
  • Tweaking the final mix
Improving Your Listening Environment
Prepping Your Mix
Learning the Basics of Mixing
Building Your Mix
Exploring Compression
Using Noise Gates and De-Essers
Learning About EQ
Applying EQ to the Rythm Section
Applying EQ to the Instruments
Understanding Reverb
Adding Reverb
Adding Delay
Adding Modulation Effects
The Final Mix
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