About BLTV

Barnsley Local Television (BLTV)

Barnsley Local Television is a new venture which is giving Barnsley an online local television service. It is run by Dearne Media Group, a not-for-profit organisation registered as a community interest company.

BLTV’s mission is to provide a service whose programmes and content contribute to the social, cultural and economic benefit of Barnsley and the surrounding area. BLTV depends on volunteers in order to function. BLTV gives the residents of Barnsley the opportunity to contribute to the planning, content and making of its programmes. These focus upon local news, public services, education, public services, the arts and entertainment, sport, history and heritage. BLTV also seeks to show-case local talent, enterprise and achievements, and to raise the profile of the Borough.

Many of our volunteers are new to working in the media, but others have years of experience and media qualifications. We are happy to offer training to new members over the full range of studio work, programme production and planning. Local filmmakers, artists and writers are also encouraged to use BLTV to show their own work to a wider audience.

BLTV has a Facebook page with a thriving membership. It invites viewers to comment on its programmes, to put forward ideas and join in discussion about the topics and issues featured.

Barnsley Local Television ethos for visually impaired people

Here at BLTV we try to design our website so it can be accessed by visually impaired people. We focus on keeping out text to a large scale. We do not use flashing colours and keep our contrasting colours different and not similar in shading. We keep our text ‘black on white’ to aid reading, unlike some website which uses ‘grey on white’. BLTV Provides ALT text for all images, easy to read titles for each sections and maintain a fluid layout throughout the site for continuity.

Please feel free to submit feedback on our Contact us page, if you think we can improve our site more, to aid the visual impaired.

Meet the Team

Dearne Media Group’s Management Committee is responsible for overseeing the work of BLTV, and ensuring that the business of the Company runs smoothly. Some twenty other volunteers work on the BLTV project, making programmes and working with community and voluntary groups, and public and statutory service bodies, whose activities are featured or which give support in other ways. Here are some of the volunteers who make up the organisational and creative team..

Don Chamberlain

BLTV - Don Chamberlain - Chair of Company Directors
BLTV – Don Chamberlain – Chair of Company Directors and the Management Committee
Barnsley born has spent a lifetime in Weekly/Daily Journalism, Corporate Public Relations and Community Development

BT (Responsibility for PR in the North-East of England)
Business in the Community (Involvement in Business Sponsored Community Projects throughout Yorkshire and Humberside, then PR Consultant with particular interest in Corporate Community Involvement.

Don is a former Chairman of the Barnsley Branch of the RSPCA and a member of the Regional Board of that charity.
He is a founder Director of Groundwork – Dearne Valley, The Sheffield Showroom Cinema and the initiative – South Yorkshire People Against Crime.

He twice contested the Darton and Dodworth ward of BMBC as a Liberal Candidate.
Don believes that Local Television will help community groups to better communicate what they do and also it will help to create the image that Barnsley deserves.

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Max Senior

is a Director of Dearne Media Group CIC and Company Treasurer. He has also done his share of programme production, presentation and voiceovers. Barnsley born, Max was a steel worker and a miner before leaving the coal industry and going to High Melton College, Doncaster, where he was awarded the Diploma /HE FCIH. For 27 years thereafter, he was a local government office, first as a housing contracts manager in Rotherham then as Principal Hate and Hidden Crime Officer for Barnsley MBC. He plays for Dodworth Miners’Welfare Brass Band, is Secretary of the Dodworth Miners Welfare, and Chair of Barnsley Amnesty Group.. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of Barnsley U3A.  Company Director and Treasurer.

Barrie Davenport

has spent his whole working career was with the BBC in Engineering, Studio Management and finally as a Producer.

On retirement in 1990 he set up a business as a Freelance Recording Engineer and made many CD’s for Brass Bands and Choirs.

Still wanting to be involved in the Media, in 1995 he moved to Local TV in Bradford and designed and installed the Studio there for live Cable Broadcasting.

He joined Barnsley Local TV in 2006 and besides being a Committee Member carries out Camerawork, Editing and Technical Installation.

At the end of 2014 he became involved with Kirklees Local TV based in Huddersfield and now splits his time between there and Barnsley.

He keeps very busy all the time and that’s how he likes it.

David Hodgson

has spent most of his working life in broadcast media. Beginning in Hospital Radio during the 1960’s, he was able to secure professional employment at the BBC at the dawn of local radio. His first job was as a Technical Operator, where he found he had a natural talent for recording music and then moved on to Presentation and Production. After 16 years retirement loomed, but before any relaxation could start, he was asked to join the Media Faculty at the local university, where instead of doing, he taught it. 6 years later and through amalgamation the faculty was abolished, so rest now? No, he was approached by Bradford Council to join the team re-building the Bradford Alhambra, designing the sound system, which lead him to mix with people intent on producing local television. So before he could reach for his slippers, Dave found himself working in television production, which he does to this day at BLTV. He has subsequently decided not to retire – as no-one will let him. Dave also wishes to point out that he is a qualified steam engine driver.

Dave Shaw About Us

Dave Shaw

is a director of Dearne Media Group. He joined BLTV in 2016 as a volunteer cameraman/editor to improve his skills.

Started working life in I.T. at Patons & Baldwins in 1969 as a computer operator working on an IBM 360/40. After a few role changes and career moves left the industry in 1993 as an I.T. manager to open a bicycle shop. He has been a keen videographer ever since the early 1970s.

James About Us

James Beechy

Working for Con-Tech services for over 31 years and 2 years as administrator to Barnsley Local TV Facebook page, cameraman and editor.

Peter About Us

Peter Higginbottom

is a Cameraman/ Editor lives in Wakefield been working in video since mid 1977. Photographer, Photoshop Tutor, Video Editing Tutor,   Ex Refrigeration Technician retired 2011. YouTube content provider. Originally from Leeds.

Christina About Us

Christina Birchall

is a camera operator and editor/Freelance Documentary filmmaker. My latest film, Rise Up has won an award at the Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2018 as Best Of Fresh and I am a recent graduate from Leeds Beckett University. My hobbies are Pilates and going to the movies.

Michelle About Us

Michelle Graham

is Production Assistant, Facebook Administrator and Camera Operator. She is a home carer and has been for the past 13 years. Her main hobbies are reading books and puzzles. She is also the mother of Rebecca one of our volunteers.

Rebecca About Us

Rebecca Graham

is Camera Operator, Video Editor, Facebook Administrator, Website administrator and Dave Shaw’s assistant. She is currently studying Level 1 Maths and has her own YouTube channel with over 400 subscribers. Her main hobbies are social media and makeup. She is also the daughter to Michelle who is one of our volunteers.

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